The Henry Hiteman Engine and Hose Company (West Winfield Fire Department) was started in April 1906 after several fires nearly decimated the downtown area of the Village. A fire hall was built and efforts were initiated to raise funds to purchase fire equipment. Over the years, we evolved from hand drawn hose and ladder carts to early motorized apparatus. Since those early days through the efforts of the Department, the Town of Winfield and the Village of West Winfield, we have obtained some of the best apparatus and equipment that this area has to offer.

Ambulance service was initiated in the 1940s with a remodeled hearse. That facet of our emergency protection has developed into full Advanced Life Support emergency services with the latest in equipment and training.

The Department responds to about 50 fire, rescue and mutual aid calls in addition to nearly 400 ambulance calls per year.

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Field Days were a success!!

1st Prize—$5,000.00      

# 0308—Rosemary Peo & others, West Winfield, NY

2nd Prize—$3,000.00

# 0368—Jane Evans, West Winfield, NY

3rd Prize—$1,500.00

# 0350—John Stieve, Leonardsville, NY

 2 Prizes @$500.00 each

#0011—Elaine Schwan & others, Norwich, NY

#0300—Ron Merwin, Ilion, NY

10 Prizes @ $200.00 each

#0392—Nels LaBumbard—Bridgewater, NY

#0452—Lauren Jones, West Winfield, NY

#0207—Ray Brown & Donial Moynihan,

Ilion, NY

#0172—Karie Hawkins, New Hartford, NY

#0074—Elizabeth Morabito, Auburn, NY

#0351—Ida Miller, Richfield Springs, NY

#0105—Mark Crisman, Jordanville, NY

#0086—Keith & Kathleen Land,

West Winfield, NY

#0163—Chris Morabito, Auburn, NY

#0298—Grace Watkins, West Winfield, NY

10 Prizes @ $150.00 each

#0134—Jeffrey Hagadorn, Mohawk, NY

#0336—Charlotte Butler, Richfield Springs, NY

#0499—Diana Crossman, Dolgeville, NY

#0130—Ann Lonchek, West Winfield, NY

#0399—Donna Brown, West Winfield, NY

#0036—Edward Backus Sr. , Unadilla, NY

#0106—Les & Lori Rowlands, Woodbine, KS

#0418—Nancy Cooper & Kylene Jordan,

West Winfield, NY

#0013—Michael Carey, New Berlin

#0107—Larry Hagedorn—Harpursville, NY

**All Prizes will be mailed within 7-10 days


Congratulations to:

Our four early bird winners of $250.00 each

Theresa Snyder, West Winfield, New York. Ticket # 0010 - June 2015

Sharon Rathbun, Cooperstown, New York. Ticket #0024 - April 2015

Mike Pcola of Cassville, New York. Ticket #0326 - February 2015

Connie Gage,Mohawk, New York Ticket # 0349 - December 2014

Thank you to everyone for your continued support and generosity