Grand Prize
    West Winfield Fire Department   
PO Box 158, West Main Street
West Winfield, NY 13491-0158

    Application for West Winfield Fire Department’s


A maximum of 500 tickets to be sold at $50.00 each. Prizes are awarded as follows:
View the 2017 winners

                           1st Prize $5,000.00  
                           2nd Prize $3,000.00  
                           3rd Prize $1,500.00  
                           2 prizes@ $ 500.00 each  
                           10 Prizes @ $ 200.00 each  
                           10 Prizes @        $ 125.00 each  

Drawing Saturday, July 21, 2018 at 3:00 PM at the Winfield Town Park, Rte 20, West Winfield.*

**Again this year in addition to the 25 cash prizes we traditionally draw, we will be having four additional drawings of $250.00 each. Purchasing your tickets early will increase your chances of winning any or all of the four added prizes! The four added prize drawings will not affect prize values or odds for the July 21, 2018 drawing as described above.**

Dates for the bonus drawings are: 
March 5, 2018               April 2, 2018           May 5, 2018             June 4, 2018

Tickets that have been purchased as of these dates will be eligible to win all of the above prizes including the main drawing in July 2018.
The ticket will be drawn on those dates during our monthly meeting and the winner will be notified as soon as possible.
To be entered:

1. Use an application form for each ticket which may be paid using cash, check made payable to Henry Hiteman Engine and Hose Co., Inc., or PayPal online at www.westwinfieldfd.com.

2. Mail completed application form to: West Winfield Fire Department
                                                        Attn: Great Greenback Giveaway
                                                        PO Box 158, West Main Street
                                                        West Winfield, NY 13491-0158

3. Ticket sales will end PROMPTLY at 2:00 PM on the day of the drawing.

4. The drawing will begin with the 25th prize and continue on to the 1st prize. Each winning ticket will be thrown back into the drum so you can win more than once on the same ticket.

5. Requests for special or lucky numbers will be honored on a first come, first served basis.

6. Members of the West Winfield Fire Department are eligible to purchase tickets and you do not have to be present to win. Purchasers must be 18 years of age. Taxes will be withheld on some of the prizes.

7. Multiple names are allowed on tickets, but the primary contact should be listed first.

8. Call (315) 822-6223 with questions or for information updates.

*Will be notified of any change in the drawing location as soon as possible.*


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Ticket # Choices (if Available): ___________ ___________
List multiple names on back of application if more space is required.